Prize Regulations

You can access the regulations here, with important information on your application for the Pfizer Research Prize (awarded in 2024).

Research Fields

The Foundation Pfizer Research Prize supports research in the following fields:

Cardiovascular Medicine, Urology and Nephrology

Infectious Diseases, Rheumatology and Immunology

Neuroscience and Neurology 



Prize Money

The prize money for each field is 30,000 Swiss francs (a total of 150,000 Swiss francs). In each field, one research project in pure research and one in clinical research can be awarded the prize. The prize money for each award is 15,000 Swiss francs.


Scientists or scientific teams, who are no older than 45 on 31 January 2024, are eligible (see note on registration form). A maximum of three awardees per research project can receive the award. One of the awardees must always be the first author. In addition, authors who have made an equal contribution to the first author must be nominated as awardees so long as the age criterion is fulfilled.

The Foundation Pfizer Research Prize is part of Pfizer Inc., a multinational company headquartered in the United States and it must comply with all applicable controls and laws.

Research Projects

Projects in pure research and in clinical research can be submitted in the fields listed above. The projects must be published or have been accepted for publication within one year and have been conducted predominantly in Switzerland. Publication is taken to mean an article in a journal that is peer-reviewed. These must be assessed as outstanding in relation to their innovative character or clinical relevance. The research projects must comply with the highest ethical, legal, and scientific standards. A research group is only permitted to submit one project on the same field when identical methodology is used.


The Foundation board awards the prizes based on applications from the scientific committees who independently assess the projects. It can forgo awarding the prizes if the scientific committee for the corresponding field does not deem any of the projects that have been submitted to be worthy of the prize or the number of qualitatively good projects is too low. This decision made by the Foundation board cannot be appealed against.

Documents and Submission Deadline

Please submit the following documents in full for your application for the Pfizer Research Prize:

  • Research project (supplemental research data that are published on the Internet must be submitted with the application)
  • A summary of no more than half an A4 page that outlines the importance of the research results against the background of current knowledge in this research field
  • Application form that has been signed by all authors
  • CVs for all the authors who are applying to be awardees

The documents must be submitted to the Foundation Pfizer Research Prize
([email protected]) by 15 May 2023.

Award Ceremony

The research projects that have been awarded the prize will be presented at the award ceremony on Thursday, 25 January 2024

Zurich, March 2023

Forschungsarbeit einreichen

Sie haben eine Forschungsarbeit für den Pfizer Forschungspreis? Reichen Sie sie hier ab dem 15. April online ein.*

*Mit der Eingabe Ihrer Forschungsarbeit erklären Sie sich mit dem Reglement